Week one announcements

First BAP Meeting of Spring Term —- Deloitte; April 2nd, 6-7pm, Bexell 328 www.osu/bap.com

We are excited to re-announce the BAP Officers for 2014-2015.  Please join me in congratulating them!!  See attached picture so when you see them on campus you can tell them Way to Go!!

Our new officers have the privilege of attending the NW Regional meeting (April 11th & 12th) in Portland, OR.

Leadership Team 2014-2015

President — Jamie Martin

Vice President of Public Relations — Rachel Burger

Vice President of Finance — Will Fallihee

Vice President of Service — Diane Bishop

Co-Vice President of Service — Brandi Bigelow

Vice President of Reporting — Sarah Gibbons

Vice President of Technology — Leif Bowlin

Vice President of Marketing –Aine Cronin


TAX services VITA  www.myfreetaxes.com/osubap. Anyone can use the website if there AGI is under $58,000,

Internship Opportunity in Seattle area (see attached flyer) Berntson Porters Externship Program consists of four events that take place from June through the end of July. It is designed to give you the opportunity to learn more about the accounting profession while still allowing you to work a full-time summer job. Each extern will be assigned a buddy from Berntson Porter’s staff who will help guide you through the program to give you insight into what it is like to be in your first few years of accounting. You will experience firsthand networking, job shadowing, and gaining knowledge of Berntson Porter’s culture so you can observe what a day in the life of an accountant is like.

Job Opportunity:

Paid Tutoring Opportunity:

1.  Seven Star Tutoring is a new private tutoring company in Corvallis serving k-12, OSU and LBCC students.  We are hiring tutors in all subject areas, but have a particularly high demand for tutors who specialize in accounting, business, economics, math and science.

Tutoring is great part-time, flexible work for current students.  Pay starts at $20/hour.

To apply, visit: http://www.sevenstartutoring.com/job-opportunities/

Seven Star Tutoring, LLC

Private local tutoring in Bend and Corvallis, Oregon.

(541) 241-6297

SENIORS — (2 items)

1.  Please RSVP to Matt Little if you are attending the ACTG Banquet littlem@onid.oregonstate.edu

2.  PLEASE schedule your composite picture at Ball Studio IT IS FREE — this way you can be on the walls of the Moss Adams Classroom.

The Ball Studio, Corvallis



Please make sure to call and make an appointment to have your Senior Composite picture taken! The Ball Studio has offered to take pictures for FREE of Accounting Graduates! Having a ‘Class of 2014’ Composite hanging in the new business building will really mean a lot to the Accounting Professors.  It’s the least we can do in return for all of the hours they’ve spent teaching us the difference between a debit and a credit. The deadline for pictures is May 15th, 2014 so please make your appointment early! www.theballstudio.com theballstudio@gmail.com (541) 753-5721

2014 Officers

Bernston Externship Program 2014

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