Beta Alpha Psi candidates and members provide tutoring services for all students in the 200 level accounting classes (BA 211/213/215). The goal is to provide tutoring services from 12 pm to 6pm Monday through Friday(tutoring services are not available finals week).

Tutoring Room: Austin Hall 228

Online Tutoring: **Beginning January 30, 2017, online tutoring will be provided during regular tutoring hours**

We will be using the app HipChat for online tutoring. You can already sign up for an account (please use your @oregonstate.edu email address) using the following link: Oregon State HipChat

HipChat is completely free and works on phones, tablets, and computers. Download the app or use it in your browser. For tutors, if possible, please be logged in on a device during tutoring hours and be available to answer questions. You are not obligated to be logged in except for during the time you are signed up for. Tutors, please put Tutor after your name in your profile so students are able to easily identify you.

Students: After logging into HipChat, students can start chatting with a tutor by clicking oregonstatebap (located in the top left corner) and selecting a name with a green dot and  -Tutor beside the name. Tutors will be available during the times listed on the schedule.

Please contact Sam Dawson (dawsonsa@oregonstate.edu) for any questions related to online tutoring and HipChat.

The schedule often changes, so check back here for the latest schedule. Please contact Kayla Hansen (hansekay@oregonstate.edu) with any questions.