> Check Your Hours

Below you will find the most up-to-date record of your BAP service hours. The requirements for hours are as follows:

Professional Hours (minimum 15 hours required)

  • Weekly BAP Meetings (no limit): All regular Wednesday night meetings¬†count toward your professional hours.
  • Other BAP Professional (no limit): These hours include professional activities and events hosted by BAP other than the weekly meetings.
  • Non-BAP Professional (limit 5 hours): These hours include all other professional events and meetings not hosted by BAP, such as firm office visits, non-BAP resume workshops, or coffee/lunch/dinner with professionals.

Community Service Hours (minimum 15 hours required)

  • Tutoring (minimum 10 hours): As a BAP candidate or member, you are required to tutor ACTG211 & ACTG213 students for 1 hour each week. These hours count towards your community service hours.
  • Other BAP Community Service (no limit): These hours include any community service events or activities hosted by BAP, such as Relay-for-Life or the various auctions we help out with.
  • Non-BAP Community Service (limit 5 hours):¬†This includes all other community service events or activities not hosted by BAP, scheduled on your own.

You must have at least 40 hours, with a minimum of 15 hours in both professional and community service, to become a member.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have already met your hour limit for each section, or reached your 40 hour overall requirement, please continue to submit your hours. It helps the Oregon State chapter maintain its superior status (which helps you too!).