Week 5 — Georgia Pacific Internship deadline & Summer Leadership Conference

Weekly Announcement
1.  NO BAP this week, Feb. 4th.  Please join us next week Wed. Feb.  11th, TKD from 6-7pm in Austin Hall 226

Summer Leadership/Elevation Conference
1.  For students graduating between Dec 2016 and August 2017 — Moss Adams, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, Jones & Roth & KS are hosting leadership conferences this summer.  Deadlines to apply is Feb. 20th via Beaver Careers and the firm web-site.

Job Opportunities:
1.  Moss Adams — Eugene and Medford offices are still looking to fill some full-time positions.  We have a posting on the Moss Adams Careers website, (Requisition #12859) but students can also find it posted on Beaver Careers.  We will not be conducting on-campus interviews, but rather want students to apply directly to our website and we will work through the process from there.

2.  Georgia Pacific will be on campus, Monday, Feb. 9th for summer internships if you are interested you MUST apply, send your resume and cover letter to Chris.KIENZLE@GAPAC.com asap.  They will be in the Austin Hall in the CSC for interviews (Feb 9th).  Please read the following and reach out to Chris Kienzle if you are interested in the internship.  Chris.KIENZLE@GAPAC.com

Internship Overview:
The Georgia-Pacific Accounting Internship is a 10 week paid summer internship designed to provide meaningful real-work experience. Interns will be placed with one of our accounting teams in a manufacturing location, likely along the West Coast.  Planned career networking events and focused mentoring prepare our interns for a career within the Georgia-Pacific financial groups, either in one of our manufacturing locations across the United States or in our Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

At Georgia-Pacific, we utilize behavior based interviewing. If you are not familiar with this interviewing method, I would suggest researching the topic in some detail before our conversation. The following website will assist you in understanding behavior based interviewing:  http://jobsearch.about.com/cs/interviews/a/behavioral.htm

It is also a good practice, when preparing for an interview, to learn more  about Georgia-Pacific and Koch Industries. The following websites will provide a basis for learning about Georgia-Pacific and the products that we produce as well as Koch Industries.

3. . Kernutt Stokes — Eugene
4 full time hires
Application Deadlines April 2015
Start Date July 2015
Please apply via Beaver Careers and then send resume, transcript, and cover letter to Msavage@kernuttstokes.com

4.  Campus Job Opportunity
“The Arts & Sciences Business Center has an opening and is looking for a student to work approximately 8-16 hours/week starting in February.  Those interested should e-mail their resume and Winter term schedule toandrew.kuback@oregonstate.edu .”
Andy Kuback | Accountant 2Arts & Sciences Business Center | Oregon State University2042 Cordley Hall

1.  The Moss Adams Foundation will again be awarding Diversity Scholarships to candidates that meet the eligibility requirements. This scholarship targets sophomores/juniors or those that will be going through Fall 2016 recruiting to secure a summer internship. I will make mention of this to Jamie so it filters through BAP as well, but not sure that is the right venue for this level of student.  We are not posting directly on campus for this but students can find the application on our Careers website under Student Events.  I have been trying to connect with Brooks Peacock about getting time in his 200-level classes. See attached flyer for more details. Our Oregon region has 2  $2,500 scholarships to award.

Mentoring Program:
Below is a link to a coaching and mentoring program that the Oregon Soc. of CPAs established a few years ago.    If the accounting students know about the program, they could apply to participate.  https://www.orcpa.org/career_zone/resource/64-oscpa_coaching_program/

BAP Flyer Winter Term Week 4 

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