How to Become an Officer

Being an officer in Beta Alpha Psi gives you a chance to grow both personally and professionally. Elections are typically held Week 8 of winter term and the new officer team will be announced at the meeting during Week 9. The deadline for Intent to Run submissions is Saturday, February 24th, 2018. 

If you are interested in holding an officer position for the next academic year please look over the officer descriptions below and follow these steps:

  1. Speak to the current officer about the additional responsibilities and expectations related to the position. Their contact info can be found here.
  2. Fill out the Intent to Run form and attach your resume.
  3. Submit the form via email to BAP-Epsilon Chapter at (
  4. Prepare a short speech for elections to inform members why you are interested in each position and why you feel that you would be a good candidate.

Newly elected officers will be announced at the next meeting and will begin to shadow current officers during Spring Term. If you have any questions, please contact one of the officers or Amy Bourne.


  • Plans weekly meetings (invitations to firms/professionals)
  • Oversees chapter operations
  • Plans Best Practices
  • Attends the Annual Meeting in August
  • Coordinates with Amy Bourne (faculty advisor)
  • Work with VP of Public relations on Meet the Firms, Tax Symposium, and end of the year Accounting Banquet

VP of Finance

  • Create chapter budgets and reconciles monthly bank statements
  • Collect candidate & member dues
  • Coordinate with the reporter to ensure members have paid & applied
  • Coordinate weekly meals (including paying food services & getting food to the meetings)
  • Pay all chapter & member dues to nationals
  • Sends weekly invoices to firms and confirms payment is received

VP of Reporting

  • Track candidate & member hours to ensure all hour requirements are satisfied
  • Report chapter hours to nationals
  • Complete beginning of year, mid-year, and end of year reports
  • Ensure that chapter is working towards an award-seeking status
  • Attend the Annual Meeting in August
  • Coordinate with VP of Finance to ensure all chapter dues & candidate dues are paid to the national office

VP of Service

  • Schedule and record tutoring hours
  • Contact the correspondent for all major chapter activities (Junior Achievement, Relay for Life, auctions, etc.) to ensure that we have enough volunteers for service events
  • Seek out new service activities for the chapter

VP of Public Relations

  • Coordinate Meet the Firms, winter Tax Symposium, and spring Accounting Banquet
  • Reserve venues, invite firms, and send thank-you notes for all major events (above)
  • Prepare student resumes to be sent to firms for Meet the Firms (during summer before academic year)

VP of Internal Relations

  • Design flyer for BAP meetings
  • Update and email the flyer to Amy weekly and post in Austin
  • Work with the Vice President of Public Relations to create marketing materials
  • Coordinates the membership and activities of the campus IMA club.
  • Facilitates cooperation and coordination between BAP and IMA.

VP of Technology

  • Update BAP website with weekly announcements & calendar changes
  • Assist other officers to create electronic documents
  • Create PowerPoint presentations for each firm every week
  • Set-up and operate classroom computer system


The following chart details the terms where each position is most busy. Each square is represented by a number between 0 and 5. A 0 represents no hours required in that term and a 5 means that the position is extremely busy during that term.

 BAP officer positions Summer Fall Winter Spring
President 3 5 4 4
VP of Finance 2 5 3 3
VP of Reporting 1 5 2 3
VP of Service 0 5 3 4
VP of Public Relations 5 3 3 5
VP of Internal Relations 1 2 2 2
VP of Technology 1 3 2 2

***If you are planning on running for a position with a high time requirement, please be sure that you will be at Oregon State during that term and not completing an internship. Also, this does table does NOT act as a supplement for talking with the current office regarding his or her position. Please be sure to speak with the current officer of ALL positions you are interested in.